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Review Meeting of the ROC’s Initial Report Under the United Nations Convention Against Corruption Comes to a Satisfactory End

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  • Last updated:2019-05-27
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     Taiwan held the Review Meeting of the Initial Report under the United Nations Convention against Corruption from August 21 to 24, 2018. After the two-day meeting, wide ranging and in-depth discussion with representatives of Taiwan government agencies and non-governmental organizations, the five international review committee members put forward their 47 points of concluding observations, which named as ”Anti-corruption Reforms in Taiwan”, with respect to Taiwan’s implementation of important anti-corruption issues.

     The international review committee members affirmed the operation of the Executive Yuan Central Integrity Committee, the amendment of the Money Laundering Control Act to reinforce the money laundering prevention system and the establishment of the International Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters Act; it also recognized the policy achievements of the National Integrity Building Action Plan. Suggestions on future policy direction included strengthening cooperation with anti-corruption organizations and committing the necessary resources, increasing importance attached to private sector corruption and enhancing civil society participation etc. The members of the international review committee also put forward concrete suggestions with regard the legal system for protection of whistleblowers, Anti-Corruption Act, Company Act and State Compensation Law etc.

     The government will actively promote the implementation of concluding observations and request relevant government agencies to respond specifically, and regular track oversight and evaluation; and to prepare to be tested again when the next national report is compiled and international review meeting is held.










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