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Review Commettee of ROC’s Second Report under UNCAC Commences: Local Review by International Expers, Clean Taiwan to Whole World

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  • Last updated:2022-09-06
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The review commettee of ROC’s Second Report under UNCAC commenced on August 30th in 1F Conference Room of Civil Service Development of DGPA. Under the influence of the epidemic, five international experts advocating anti-corruption in global or regional NGOs for a long term were invited to serve as review committee members and came from afar for the review, including the Chairman José Ugaz from Peru, Gillian Dell from German, Julie Haggie from New Zealand, Geo-Sung Kim from South Korea and Peter Ritchie from the Australia.
As the Chairman José Ugaz of the Review Commettee indicated, Taiwan, not being a formal member of the UN, voluntarily self-imposed the duty of dealing with corruption to  the highest possible standards, decided to comply with UNCAC regulations, and thus showed a better outcome of anti-corruption, surpassing many of the UNCAC signatories, based on the political will of the government and a unique interaction between government, academia and civil society. The significant achievements of Taiwan in the first international review have been witnessed and recognized. There will be more successful stories regarding the Taiwan’s fight against corruption in the second one to keep pursuing perfection.
The opening ceremony held today was jointly participated by legislators, representatives of NGOs, along with Indo-Pacific youth, invited by NDI Taiwan and the Open Culture Foundation, and Taiwan students of universities and collegues of public administration and affairs as observers in the international review to realize Taiwan’s efforts in implementations of the UNCAC. The Government of Taiwan will persist in the fulfillment of the duties stipulated in the UNCAC and experience sharing with international communities, so as to improve international cooperation and interaction.

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