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Guidelines Governing the Establishment of a Committee for Review of Rewards for Reporting Corruption & Malfeasance Cases by the Ministry of Justice

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  • Last updated:2018-11-01
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1.The Ministry of Justice (hereinafter referred to as the “Ministry”) shall form a Committee for Review of Rewards for Reporting Corruption & Malfeasance Cases for the Ministry of Justice (hereinafter referred to as “This Review Committee ”) to handle the review of rewards for reporting of corruption & malfeasance cases pursuant to the regulations set forth in Paragraph 2, Article 8 of the Anti-Corruption Informant Rewards and Protection Regulations (hereinafter referred to as “This Regulation”). 2.This Review Committee shall be comprised of 8 members. The Secretary-General of the Ministry of Justice shall serve as committee member and convener. The remaining committee positions shall be filled by one representative each from the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office, the Agency Against Corruption and the subordinate Malpractices Investigation Division and Civil Service Ethics Division, the Investigation Bureau and subordinate Civil Service Ethics Departments as well as the Department of Prosecutorial Affairs. The ratio of each gender of the committee shall not be less than 1/3. 3.This Committee shall review the following items: (a)Review of informant rewards cases submitted by the informed agency pursuant to the stipulations in Paragraph 1, Article 8 of this Regulation. (b)Review of reward amounts for corruption & malfeasance cases and distribution methods as stipulated in Article 3 and Article 5 to 7 of these Regulations. (c)Other matters pertaining to granting of informant rewards. 4.Committee meetings shall be convened and hosted by the convener on a non-scheduled basis. Where the convener is unable to attend, the committee members in attendance shall elect an acting convener from among themselves. Case handlers of informed agencies may be invited to attend meetings to provide explanations if deemed necessary. 5.Committee meetings shall require a quorum of 2/3 of its members and resolutions shall be approved by a majority of the committee members in attendance. In case of a tied vote, the chairman shall have the final decision right. 6.Strict confidentiality shall be maintained with regard to personnel attending meetings, discussed matters, and the names, age, address, or place of residence of informants. 7.Secretarial duties for this Review Committee shall be performed by the Agency Against Corruption and meeting minutes shall be created to record the deliberations and resolutions of each meeting.
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