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Chia X, the Specialist of the Improvement Engineering Group of the Jinshan Nuclear Power Plant of Taipower Company were involved in the alleged offense of taking bribes for a breach of official duties.

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  • Last updated:2022-11-07
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The Agency, Taiwan Shilin District Prosecutors Office, MJIB, and CIB jointly investigated the case that Chia X exploited the opportunity of undertaking the process of procurement to conceal the suppliers’ violation of contract specifications and false acceptance, and aid the suppliers to claim the payment for procurement. Chia X has discovered taking bribes of NT$775,222 from five contractors. Another case was discovered while investigating the case of Chia X. Kuo X, the head of the Jinshan Branch of Tongxin Association of Thento Union, colluded with construction companies such as Chang X to rig bid for civil engineering projects. From 2016 to 2019, a total of 16 bids were awarded, and the total amount of illicit gains of NT$194,977,966 was obtained by the criminal syndicate.

The case was concluded and the prosecutor considered that Chia X was involved in the crime of taking bribes in violation of the duties under the Anti-Corruption Act; and Kuo X and Chang X were charged with the crime of fraudulent bidding under the Government Procurement Act.

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