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Results of 2022 Nationwide Case Review by Agency Against Corruption

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  • Last updated:2023-03-27
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    In 2022, Agency Against Corruption (AAC) continued to refer to issues of public concern, and requested the government ethics units of the competent authorities to conduct in-depth inventory of potential risks in the government affairs based on the risk assessment results of their respective agencies. Seven major issues were selected: “obstruction against development of green energy industry”, “construction management and public safety”, “procurement in remote areas or areas without government ethics units”, “various of subsidies from the central and local governments”, “high-risk applications by the public”, “public welfare and public nuisance inspection”, “procurement of major and livelihood construction projects” to carry out case reviews, prevent corruption and lawlessness via systematic investigations, and actively assist related agencies in establishing internal control and fraud prevention procedures, so as to fulfill the work value of the AAC in maintaining public welfare.

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