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Hung X, the technicians of Kaohsiung City Government Environmental Protection Bureau Southern Regional Resource Recycling Plant, and others was involved in the alleged offenses of seeking unlawful gains for oneself or for others in matters under charge or supervision and aggravated fraudulent.

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  • Last updated:2023-04-28
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The Agency and Taiwan Kaohsiung District Prosecutors Office jointly investigated the case that the Kaohsiung City Government’s Environmental Protection Bureau Southern Regional Resource Recycling Plant (hereinafter referred to as the Southern Regional Recycling Plant) technician Hung X, former technician Chang X, Chang X’s friend Wang X, Chen X and the weighbridge system supplier Huang X profited from the lucrative benefits of waste disposal costs by installing cheating program to the weighing system of the Southern Regional Resource Recycling Plant to reduce the amount of 6,000 to 7,000 kilograms per waste vehicles entering the site, causing the Southern Regional Resource Recycling Plant to fail to collect the waste disposal costs as much as NT$175,812,364, from 2017 to 2021. Chang X, Wang X, and Chen X therefore collected the illegal benefits obtained by cheating the waste disposal and transportation operators monthly, and Chang X, Wang X and Huang X used their respective distributed illicit gains to purchase a large quantity of gold and deliberately concealed the illegal gains by other third parties’ accounts.

The case was concluded and Hung X, Chang X, Wang X, Huang X and Chen X were prosecuted by the prosecutor of the Kaohsiung district Prosecutors Office for the crimes against the Anti-Corruption Act . The 7 people including Li X, the waste transportation and disposal operator, were prosecuted for the aggravated fraudulent against the Criminal Code; 3 people including Chang X, Wang X, and Huang X, were also charged with money laundering under the Money Laundering Prevention and Control Act. In addition, the illicit cash, gold and jewelry gains were seized, and 8 luxury vehicles were auctioned. In this case, NT$40.37 million of criminal proceeds were recovered, with a total of NT$103.31 million.

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