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AAC Organization Chart

(AAC Organization Chart)


The agency is in charge of formulating corruption-control policy and fulfilling the functions of anti-corruption education, corruption prevention and corruption investigation. It has a Planning Division, a Corruption Prevention Division, a Malpractices Investigation Division, and a Civil Service Ethics Division, as well as three investigation offices for northern, central and southern Taiwan, totaling seven operational units. Besides, it has three supporting offices in charge of secretarial , personnel and accounting affairs, respectively. The size of its statuary staff is 240. They work along with the civil service ethics officials deployed in the various government organizations across the nation to promote clean politics.


2.Business responsibilities

a.Planning Division

Its responsibilities include formulating clean politics policy; drawing up annual and medium-term plans; managing and evaluating clean politics measures; engaging in international liaison and mutual assistance with other nations in matters concerning clean politics and judicial affairs; providing legal consultations; sorting out laws; managing the deployment, transfer, promotion affairs of ethics personnel stationed in various government agencies; evaluating their performance; designing and implementing training programs; and maintaining the discipline of AAC's and ethics organizations' officials.


b.Corruption Prevention Division

Developing corruption prevention laws, regulations, systems and measures; reviewing and examining the corruption prevention measures and making counter proposals; helping implement the “Act on Recusal of Public Servants Due to Conflicts of Interests”, “Act on Property-Declaration by Public Servants”, and “Ethics Guidelines for Civil Servants”; regulating the ethics behaviors of government employees; and promoting integrity and clean politics education in public organizations, among the populace, in communities, in schools, and in business establishments.


c.Malpractices Investigation Division

Formulating laws, system and measures concerning corruption; investigating corruption crime, rewarding and encouraging exposition of corruption, protecting whistle blowers, and administering corruption investigations.


d.Civil Service Ethics Division

Making annual plans for corruption control, evaluating ethics organizations' performance, supervising their anti-corruption work, and maintaining government organizations' security and protecting their secrets.


e.Secretarial Office

Preparing AAC meetings; taking custody of seals and documents; managing cashiering, financial, refurbishing, procurement; assigning janitors drivers and technicians, and overseeing IT operation.


f.Personnel Office

Managing AAC's personnel affairs


g.Accounting Office

Compiling budgetary proposals, making payments, reviewing procurement cases, and preparing statistics.

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