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Description of Establishment of a Clean Politics Advisory Committee for the Agency Against Corruption

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  • Last updated:2021-09-03
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The Agency Against Corruption (hereinafter referred to as the “Agency”) which is subordinate to the Ministry of Justice is responsible for the overall planning of integrity policies and the execution of anti-corruption, corruption prevention, and corruption investigation tasks in line with the spirit of the UN Convention Against Corruption in consideration of successful international experiences with integrity systems in order to achieve the ultimate goal of “Clean government and administrative integrity”. It is further stipulated in the Organic Act of the Agency Against Corruption that a Clean Politics Advisory Committee shall be established to demonstrate fairness and impartiality in service promotion and case handling procedures. Representatives so relevant agencies, experts, scholars, and impartial citizens shall be selected to serve as committee members. The committee conducts posteriori reviews and provides professional consultation and advice with regard to shortcomings and deficiencies in the filing of intelligence for reference and relevant handling procedures of the Agency. The goal of this monitoring mechanism is to ensure that the Agency executes its powers in a fair and detached manner.

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