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Seven Local and Central Public Units, all of Its Own Unique Characteristics, Won the Integrity Awards that Aimed to Inspire Integrity Among Public Agencies

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  • Last updated:2022-11-07
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The Agency Against Corruption, MOJ held the "Pilot Awarding Ceremony of Integrity Award and Review Symposium" at the National Central Library at 2:30 pm on October 27, 2022. Minister Tsai Ching-Hsiang presided over the award ceremony, and awarded the "2022 Integrity Award" to a total of 7 winners respectively known as Li Zhi High School, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Taoyuan International Airport Corporation, Department of Economic Development of Taoyuan City Government, Land Development Office of Land Administration Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government, Tax Bureau of Taitung County Government and the Jinning Township Village Administration of Kinmen County. All had their respective unit heads attend to receive the awards.


Minister Tsai pointed out in his speech at the ceremony that since 2019, the AAC has been promoting the mechanism of the Integrity Award system and the year 2022 marked the fourth year of such effort. The empirical experience accumulated from 61 participating government agencies in the award selection signified confidence in their integrity, demonstrating their incomparable team spirit in fully promoting transparent and innovative integrity measures, which was touching and inspirational.


In 2022, the clean governance of the outstanding units had their own respective highlights, including the transparent school administration by "Li Zhi High School" that shifted the stereotypes of correction schools, the smart vaccination application by "Taipei Veterans General Hospital" that improved efficiency and mitigated disputes, the clean governance platform established by "Taoyuan International Airport Corporation" that ensured the integrity for the airport terminal projects, the convenience and transparent "City Pass" developed and launched by "Department of Economic Development of Taoyuan City Government", the full and complete disclosure of land auction development information by "Land Development Office, Land Administration Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government", the convenient smart taxation service developed and introduced by "Tax Bureau of Taitung County Government", and "County Taxation Bureau" provides innovative and convenient tax action smart services, and the transparent business investment promotion by "Jinning Township Village Administration of Kinmen County" to eliminate risks of corruption.


Minister Tsai also mentioned that the central and local governments, including administrative agencies, state-owned enterprises and administrative legal persons, regardless of types of tasks, geographical location and size, can demonstrate their own unique characteristics of clean governance as long as they are willing to dedicate themselves to promoting integrity. Such efforts have made Taiwan's performance in achieving integrity more visible to the whole world. In August 2022, Taiwan held the second international review of the national report of the United Nations Convention against Corruption. The "Integrity Award" was also praised by the international review committee members. Minister Tsai thanked the outstanding units for their recognition and efforts for the Award and hoped that more units would participate in the future.


The symposium of the Ceremony was chaired by Zhuang, Rong-Song the Director-General of AAC, in which Yeh, I-Jan the Deputy Chairman of the judging panel for the 2022 pilot award ceremony, and seven representatives of the awarded outstanding units were invited to share the incentives for all units to participate in the Integrity Award and their expectation for it. The Ceremony also implemented the practice of social participation. Teachers and students of the course titled "Administrative Transparency and Integrity" from Shih Hsin University attended to observe the process of the Ceremony, allowing students to have a deeper understanding of the efforts of government agencies to implement clean and efficient governance.


"Administrative transparency" and "integrity risk prevention" are the trends of clean governance. The Ministry of Justice is gradually completing the revision of the mechanism of the "Integrity Award" on a rolling basis. It is expected that the Award will be promoted and reach all public units and agencies across Taiwan, so that all of them could have the opportunity to systematically prevent the risks of integrity through participation in the Award. They can also explore their own highlights in terms of clean governance to realize the norm of "incentive, commitment, practice, participation, and trust," which is the objective of the "Integrity Award" that makes the general public trust in the effectiveness and clean governance of the Taiwan government.

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