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The Minister of Justice hosted the "Joint Oath-Taking Ceremony of the Newly Appointed High-Level Government Ethics Officers," urging them to manage risks, engage in sincere communication, foster innovative thinking, and provide timely clarifications.

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  • Last updated:2024-02-29
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Group Photo of the Newly Appointed High-Level Government Ethics Officers, MOJ

The “Joint Oath-Taking Ceremony of the Newly Appointed High-Level Government Ethics Officers” was held on January 23rd, 2023, at the Ministry of Justice (MOJ). 14 newly appointed high-level government ethics officers took an oath, and Minister of Justice Tsai Ching-Hsiang hosted the ceremony and delivered a speech.

In his speech, the Minister expressed that the MOJ, in collaboration with the Agency Against Corruption (AAC) and government employee ethics officers, has collectively undertaken various anti-corruption initiatives in recent years. Notable efforts such as the Government Procurement Integrity Platform and the Integrity Awards have garnered widespread acclaim from various sectors, earning commendable international rankings. The Minister extended congratulations to the 14 newly appointed high-level government ethics officers for their willingness to embrace challenges as they are assigned to various ministries, agencies, counties, and city governments. He emphasized that both the MOJ and the AAC will serve as steadfast pillars of support for the government employee ethics officers. The Minister concluded with 4 points of encouragement:

  1. Exercise risk management and harness the function of early warning

As management-level government ethics officers, the responsibility for safeguarding organizational security and confidentiality is unequivocal. Mastery of risks, proactive prevention, and the effective utilization of risk-warning mechanisms are imperative. This involves assisting the organization in advancing its various initiatives and proactively addressing challenges.

  1. Sincere communication to garner organizational support

Given the limited resources within the ethics personnel, each management-level government ethics officer must engage in sincere communication, demonstrating empathy and a service-oriented spirit. By assisting the organization and its leadership with genuine understanding and a commitment to service, one can secure support for anti-corruption efforts from both leaders and colleagues.

  1. Innovative thinking to confront various challenges

Anti-corruption endeavors must transcend conventional constraints, employing innovative thinking and methodologies to address issues. In alignment with the progressive governance of the government, it is essential to lead colleagues and the organization toward mutual prosperity through innovation.

  1. Mastery of public opinion, prompt clarification, and response

All management-level government ethics officers should promptly grasp public opinion and respond swiftly to external misinformation and disinformation. It is crucial to actively assist the organization in addressing the public's expectations regarding governance by providing immediate clarification.

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