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Making Friends with Integrity and International Non-Profit Organizations (NGOs)

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  • Last updated:2023-01-30
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Group photo of the minister of justice with enthusiastic domestic youth representatives

     The anti-corruption campaigns in Taiwan have turned out new achievements! The AAC cooperated with international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for the first time. During the period of Review Meeting of the ROC’s Second Report under the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC), we cooperated with the National Democratic Institute (NDI) Taiwan to host the “2022 Indo-Pacific Youth Dialog on Anti-Corruption and Transparency Initiatives” to promote our measures of governance on integrity, which were applauded widely as an innovative act of our international affairs regarding integrity. The scale of “making friends with integrity” has expanded from official institutions to international NGOs. The AAC will continue, based on this template, to connect with the international community and probing for other cooperation opportunities with more international NGOs.

     Since 2011 the founding of the AAC, it has always been our mission to connect to the international community, from earnest participation in international anti-corruption conferences or seminars, we seize every opportunity to promote our measures on integrity. In legislature prospect, we voluntarily comply with the requirements of the UNCAC. We has released reports regarding implementation of the Convention for self-assessment and conducted international reviews to let the whole world see our integrity achievement. Also, we signed cooperation agreements with allies to broader both the scale and scope of collaboration. Our diligence has won us grand approvals in several recent cross-border evaluations.

     In 2022 we co-sponsored a program with international NGOs, facilitating 13 young cadres from 4 countries in the Indo-Pacific region to exchange ideas with 12 bachelor, master and doctoral students from domestic universities to exchange ideas about integrity and intuition inspired by such events. Participants were deeply impressed by our progressive establishment of integrity and agreed to gather again in 2023. For outsiders to better understand how we form relations with allies in the prospect of integrity, as well as policies and activities planned for 2023, we hosted a tea party for judicial journalists at Ministry of Justice on November 30, 2022.

     The highlight of the tea party was the participants, Charlotte Hsieh, a master student of the Department of Public Administration and Policy at National Taipei University, and Sharon Tu, a student from Department of Foreign Languages and Literature of National Sun Yat-sen University. Minister of Justice Ching-hsiang Tsai awarded the course certificate to them. Both students gave positive feedback, and highly recommended the exchange program. Charlotte Hsieh, majors in public administration, demonstrates her enthusiasm towards government integrity and anti-corruption operations. As a speaker at the “Indo-Pacific Youth Dialog on Anti-Corruption and Transparency Initiatives” on September 2, she shared her experience of visiting the Government Procurement Integrity Platform and transparency measures undertaken by the customs services. Sharon Tu, although majors in foreign languages and literature, had done vast research on the anti-corruption measures and cases before attending this program. She provided duly assistance in the program and became a bridge of diplomacy.

     The successful cooperation model hereby lays a foundation for Taiwan broadcasting our integrity measures, won us more opportunities for engaging with foreign government agencies and NGOs. In 2023, in addition to expanding Indo-Pacific exchange, the AAC will persist the endeavor to pursue anti-corruption cooperation and seek to further form of partnerships with other countries, in order to demonstrate our determination in preventing and combating corruption.

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