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The launch of the action plan for the advocacy of integrity reform in 2018

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  • Last updated:2019-03-14
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     The Agency Against Corruption (AAC) launched the action plan for the advocacy of integrity reform in 2018 for reducing the integrity risk of all agencies, preventing corruption and proper sharing of experience. The ethics offices reported on 94 cases of special investigation of corruption. AAC singled out 11 items of operation vulnerable to high risk of integrity including “Pipeline work (The People Supervise Smooth Road Works Project), various forms of subsidies, water conservancy at camp sites, funeral and burial service, rewards for reporting various forms of corruption, supervision, construction management, land administration (urban renewal plan), water cleanup (dredging), all types of regular purchase, and Taiwan Power Corporation Funding (donation) for encouragement of electric power development and operation”.

     AAC received the status reports from relevant ethics offices pursuit to this program in November 2018. The statistics indicated that 36 cases of corruption and malfeasance were uncovered, 29 cases of general offense were referred to further action, and 42 persons were held under administrative responsibility (including administrative action for fighting corruption). The result helped to save public funds or increase revenue for the national treasury of more than NT$57.09 million.

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