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AAC of Ministry of Justice Seminar of “2019 Refinement of Protection Works” Results

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     There are massive amounts of personal information of the people kept by public offices for the time being and there is occasional illicit use of such information by some civil servants taking advantage of their job positions. Even more so, the investigators also discovered that some of the credit information service agencies have offered rewards for the supplying of personal information of the people, which is a severe violation of the privacy right of the public. For this reason, the Agency Against Corruption (AAC) planned and supervised the advocacy of the audit of the management of information use, in conjunction with the ethics offices of other government agencies, to intensify the warning and the cross-checking functions of related databases from 2019 onward in the spirit of “Ethics from the Perspective of Public Interest and Grievance”. This is done to prevent unlawful and unjustifiable acts with system information search in disguise.

     AAC has invited the departments of civil service ethics of all government agencies to a conference held on February 14, 2019 for an understanding of the importance of the work of AAC in the protection of personal information and the policies and description of the directions of these offices in the management of information management auditing. Agencies with outstanding performance in the overall protection of personal information in 2018 were invited to share their experiences. The Department of Civil Service Ethics under the Veteran Affairs Council took palliative care as the theme to spell out ethics and integrity in civil services with a focus on the nature of their function. They filmed a short video depicting a touching story set in a hospital at their own expense to advocate ethics and clean politics. The story starts with “Care, Love, Sincerity” with emphasis on the abolition of the bad habits of the red envelope (bribe) culture and the advocacy of the practice of “Gift-free gratitude to the physicians and the nurses”. In addition, the audit team of the Department of Civil Service Ethics of the Ministry of Culture on construction work took case studies on the uncovering of default risk through the audit process. They have conducted 72 audit cases in 2018 and have punished contractors, supervisory and project management firms in 44 cases of default and followed up the progress of remedial actions taken to implement risk control for the effective upgrade of public work quality.

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