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121 President Ma, Ying-Jeou Meets New Chair of Transparency International, José Ugaz, Who Invites the ROC to Participate in “Anti-Corruption Agencies Strengthening Initiative” in Asia Pacific 2015-07-20
122 “Debug the government bravely—Devoted to fighting corruption in order to have a brighter future.” 2015-07-01
123 2015’s First Clean Politics Advisory Committee Meeting 2015-06-30
124 The Agency Against Corruption Performed the “Major Construction Procurement Case Execution Status Project Re-examination” Called “Zhengben Cases” 2015-06-30
125 The 2014 Conference of Integrity and Governance 2015-06-25
126 Integrity Chronicle by Agency Against Corruption (2015.01-2015.02) 2015-05-07
127 With Enthusiastic Participation of Foreign Investors and Enterprises in “2014 Global Advance‧Corporate Governance Competitiveness Forum”, the Agency Efficiently Communicated the Efforts of Government toward Anti-Corruption Government and Integrity Society 2014-12-29
128 The Agency Reinforces the Exchange with Foreign Investors, Communicates the Anti-Corruption Policy Achievements and Enhances National Image 2014-12-16
129 2014’s Third Clean Politics Advisory Committee Meeting 2014-11-06
130 Joint Investigation into Alleged Illegalities Involving Industrial, Governmental and Academic Sectors in the Bid over the Bade Affordable Housing Project of Taoyuan County Government Conducted by the Agency Against Corruption, Ministry of Justice and the Taipei District Prosecutors Office 2014-10-20
131 On July 14, 2014, the Agency Against Corruption, Ministry of Justice held the 2nd Clean Politics Advisory Committee Meeting of 2014. Chaired by Director-General Lai Che-hsiung, the meeting presented two reports, “New Sunshine Law Draft Bills and Measures” and “Challenge and Opportunity for Success of the Hong Kong ICAC”. Moreover, results of the preliminary review of pending cases for the current period and cases submitted for review at the meeting were examined. 2014-10-20
132 The Second National Meeting of High-Ranking Government Employee Ethics Officials for 2014 Held for the Strengthening of the Ethics Early-Warning Mechanism and the Reform of the Integrity Personnel System 2014-10-20
133 President Ma Attends the Joint Closing Ceremony for the 33rd AAC Anti-Corruption Personnel Training Class and 13th Associate 9th Grade Officials Training Class 2014-10-20
134 On August 23, 2013, Deputy Director-General Yang of the Agency Against Corruption received a visit from Dr.Geo-Sung Kim, the chairperson of Transparency International Korea and Mr. Hsin-Chung Liao, Ms. Ming-Huei Cheng and Mr. Samuel Kao, three Vice Executive Directors of Transparency International Chinese Taipei. 2013-08-23
135 Integrity Chronicle by Agency Against Corruption (AAC), Ministry of Justice (2012) 2013-02-21
136 Integrity Chronicle by Agency Against Corruption (AAC), Ministry of Justice (July 2011 - July 2012) 2012-09-11
137 "Forum and Keynote Speech on Corruption" held at May 14, 2012. 2012-07-27
138 Introduction and Reference of ‘Responses from all sectors to the ranking result of the 2011 Corruption Perception Index(CPI)of Taiwan, published by Transparency International, and the direction for future improvements’ 2012-02-03
139 The Ministry of Justice’s Agency Against Corruption (AAC) is holding a series of activities including a forum on clean governance and an exhibition on Taiwan’s anti-corruption efforts to celebrate the 2011 International Anti-Corruption Day 2011-12-08
140 Taiwan’s “Transparency.Integrity” Achievements Demonstrated to Customs Officials from around the World at the 2016 International Customs Workshop by the AAC 0001-01-01
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