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91 Ministry of Justice Agency Against Corruption 2020 Citation of Anti-Corruption Officers and Retirement Officials Award Presentation Ceremony 2020-08-04
92 Nationwide Project Auditing or Case Review by Agency Against Corruption in 2019 2020-04-06
93 AAC 44th New Agent Training Program Opening Ceremony 2020-03-24
94 Policy Symposium Held for the Government Employee Ethics Unit to Assist with the 15th President and Vice President, and the 10th Session of the Legislators Election Investigation 2020-03-12
95 Agency Against Corruption produces micro-films to promote the value of administrative transparency 2020-02-26
96 Functional Communication Report Meeting Between Investigation Bureau and Agency Against Corruption, Ministry of Justice 38th Meeting 2019-12-26
97 Guidelines Governing Administrative Investigations Conducted by Government Ethics Units 2019-10-15
98 Key Points of the Amendment on The Classified National Security Information Protection Act 2019-08-20
99 Agency Against Corruption, Ministry of Justice Convenes the First Conference of Competent Authorities at the National Level and Senior Officials of Anti-Corruption Institutions in 2019 to Strengthen the Consensus on and Strategize Anti-Corruption Work 2019-06-24
100 AAC of Ministry of Justice Seminar of “2019 Refinement of Protection Works” Results 2019-04-16
101 The launch of the action plan for the advocacy of integrity reform in 2018 2019-03-14
102 AAC 3rd Clean Politics Advisory Committee in 2018 completed on October 16 2018 2018-12-12
103 Ethics Units Support the Detection of Bribery in the 2018 9-in-1 Election of Regional Public Officials 2018-10-04
104 Review Meeting of the ROC's Initial Report Under the United Nations Convention Against Corruption Comes to a Satisfactory End 2018-08-27
105 Political Deputy Minister Chen hosted the “Joint Ceremony of Oath Taking of Newly Appointed Senior Ethics Officers, Bid Farewell to Retired Officers of Ethics Units, and Praised Model Anti-Corruption Officers in 2018” 2018-07-18
106 AAC hosted the Seminar of “Legislation of The Whistleblower Protection Act (Draft)” (combined version of the public and private sectors) 2018-06-15
107 2018 Integrity and Competence Seminar for Government Ethics Officers in Supporting Role 2018-06-06
108 Report on the implementation of UNCAC─ACTWG 26th plenary meeting 2018-03-20
109 Justice Minister Chiu Tai-San hosted the joint handover and oath taking ceremony of the Director-General of Agency Against Corruption, Administrative Enforcement Agency and the Director of Legal System Department 2017-11-24
110 Justice Minister Chiu hosted the “Oath Taking Ceremony of new Deputy Director-General of the Agency Against Corruption and Senior Ethics Officers” 2017-11-24
111 APEC Workshop on Enhancing Whistleblower Protection in Corruption Cases 2017-07-11
112 The Illegal Sale of Land and Bribery Scandal of Wang-An Township Office, Penghu County (Yonghe District) Investigated by the AAC has been Convicted by The Taiwan Penghu District Court. 2016-11-14
113 Illegal Affairs of Building Modification in the Kaohsiung Haung Pu Military Dependents’ Village Investigated by Agency Against Corruption has been Convicted by the Taiwan Kaohsiung District Court. 2016-10-07
114 Chief Prosecutor of Korean Chuncheon DPO Ywongwol branch and his team visit AAC 2016-10-06
115 The Taiwan Miaoli District Court Has Found Councilor Li ○○ of Miaoli County Guilty of Corruption and Other Charges as Investigated by the Agency Against Corruption, Ministry of Justice 2016-08-09
116 Former Chief of Fire Bureau, Hsinchu County, Lin ○-chin, Was Sentenced to Imprisonment of Four Years and Ten Months for Corruption as Investigated by the Agency Against Corruption, Ministry of Justice 2016-08-09
117 President Ma, Ying-Jeou Meets New Chair of Transparency International, José Ugaz, Who Invites the ROC to Participate in “Anti-Corruption Agencies Strengthening Initiative” in Asia Pacific 2015-07-20
118 “Debug the government bravely—Devoted to fighting corruption in order to have a brighter future.” 2015-07-01
119 2015’s First Clean Politics Advisory Committee Meeting 2015-06-30
120 The Agency Against Corruption Performed the “Major Construction Procurement Case Execution Status Project Re-examination” Called “Zhengben Cases” 2015-06-30
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